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Slices of Kenya is a book about beauty - the beauty of wild and natural places and the creatures who live there. But not just that. It is a book about the beauty of places where humans have, for many years, lived in harmony with their environment - the beauty of places even that have perhaps had more human intrusion than might be good for them. It is also a book about the beauty of those people too, who live in this land. People who have been created by God and are God's much loved children. People for whom this world was given as home.

From the majestic and the sublime, to the surreal and the quirky, this collection of images shows New South Wales as a place to be traveled and appreciated

The photographers take the reader on a visual journey through the diverse landscape of Hell's Gate National Park. Hell's Gate is a National Park lying on the floor of Kenya's Great Rift Valley and is well-known for its diversity of landforms, flora and fauna. Stunning photography includes images from the high ridges, through the lush grassy plains and down into the depth of 'The Gorge' as well as common animal and plant species.

The images in Form and Function, by Photographer Jeffrey Kirkpatrick, emphasize form, shape, line and symmetry in the functionality of plant life.

Colours of Kenya is a photo essay of Kenya as the photographers have seen it. Kenya is a country with a bright culture and landscape. The authors have attempted to capture that in this book. Co-authored by Christopher Horton.