About Jeffrey Kirkpatrick

Who am I?

It’s been a long photographic journey for me – more than 30 years. My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic. Remember those? Little film cartridges, flash cubes? I worked my way through a variety of ‘point and shoots’ in the world of film eventually graduating to my first SLR camera after university, a Canon EOS 100. With this in hand, as well as a very old Konica manual camera I used primarily with black and white film, I started developing my craft. With the advent of digital and the exciting world of Photoshop, Lightroom and other such applications, I finally left the darkroom (with some nostalgic regret it must be said) 20 years ago. Most of the images on this site have been captured with a variety of Canon DSLR camera bodies and a wide variety of lenses.

My photographic career got its start at an International school in Nairobi, Kenya, where, in addition to teaching photography and design courses, I was also very involved with all aspects of school photography - from doing all the student and staff annual photos, to photographing sports, stage productions, musical events, social events, student banquets and all other aspects of school life.  in addition I honed my design skills as the editor of the annual yearbook for 10 years.  Along with this more official job I also worked as a free-lance photographer in the community where opportunities arose.  

Recently I've made the big jump to free-lancing full-time which coincides with a move with my family to Australia, where I am currently based, working remotely where-ever we find ourselves in this big and beautiful country.

So, I hope you enjoy these galleries. I’d love to hear your thoughts, both constructive and critical. 30 years does in no way mean an end to the growth of creativity. 


Jeffrey Kirkpatrick

June 2023, ,Sydney, Australia